RockyNet Thrive

RockyNet's Start-Up Program


RockyNet now offers a start-up program for Colorado based businesses. If you meet the program requirements, you can receive up to 6 months of service absolutely free with no commitment. 


In 1996, RockyNet opened its doors in Boulder. More than 15 years later, RockyNet wants to give back. We understand the struggles of small business and want to be a part of your success. That is why we want to lower your monthly costs so you can concentrate on improving and marketing your premium products and services. The months free depend upon your required set-up and business needs. 


Program Requirements 


  • Must be a registered Colorado business
  • Company began operations within past 3 years
  • Company has less than 15 Employees


Press Release



April 30th, 2012


RockyNet Launches Start-Up Program for Colorado Businesses


LOUISVILLE - Inc., a Louisville-based Data Center and Cloud Computing provider, has recently announced an incubation program for start-up phase and emerging business named RockyNet Thrive. RockyNet’s President Paul Mako stated “RockyNet Thrive is our way of leveraging our cloud and collocation infrastructure to help new businesses grow into the rebounding economy. If these companies are given the chance to thrive, we will all thrive”.  


The program offers technical consulting on how to leverage the cloud and collocation in a startup business, free cloud and collocation services, and continued technical consulting as the business emerges into profitability. RockyNet Thrive is available to any registered Colorado business which has begun operations in the last three years and has less than 15 employees.


RockyNet recently acquired a capital infusion by selling off all of its non-fiber connected data and VOIP business and is now focused entirely on cloud services and collocation in their Louisville and Denver Data Centers. Paul Mako went on to say “We are launching this program because we really want to give the same opportunities to Colorado companies that were given to us. With RockyNet Thrive, we can alleviate the cost of technical infrastructure and ongoing maintenance for everything from back office servers to completely web based companies.”


Through RockyNet Thrive, Colorado companies can gain critical data services at zero cost. This includes collocation, managed servers, virtual servers, cloud computing and disaster recovery. Companies  can be incubated from 6 months to two years with free consulting and services. Packages are tailored to the start-up companies’ needs and their desired level of partnership with RockyNet. All services are provided at RockyNet’s main  SSAE-16, HIPAA, and PCI certified and compliant Data Center in Louisville.


 “We created the program to be tailored to the technology needed for today’s business. We understand many companies need plenty of bandwidth and storage space, but paying for all of this can be detrimental to their success,” said Jose Rosales, Director of Sales Operations at RockyNet. “We envision a Colorado that can compete with Silicon Valley and we believe this program will help achieve that level of accomplishment. It is our intention that RockyNet Thrive will help fellow business owners to concentrate on improving and marketing their products and services instead of being crushed by startup costs.”


In 1996, RockyNet began as a Colorado start-up. The company opened its doors in Boulder, Colo., eventually adding an office in Denver and Louisville. Currently, the company headquarters is based in Louisville, Colo., at the Colorado Technology Center. Anyone looking for more information about the program can visit their web site,