High-Tech Cooling


Since our Data Center was built in 2007, it has the latest technology on power and cooling. Our HVAC units and hot/cold rows maintains your server safety.


Multiple redundant 20-ton Liebert HVAC units, supported by redundant power, are strategically placed to create air flow. The placement of these untis gives our HVAC engineering the highest quality and esures the most efficient data center. In case of failure of one HVAC unit, another one is quickly turned on to maintain safe temperature.

All servers and equipment are serviced by a state of the art cooling system and engineered specifically for the extreme heat generated by the highly dense server environment. We have cold rows which lift air from our static-free raised flooring. The air then travels through the rack into oour hot rows. RockyNet has taken HVAC engineering to the next level. We have designed its hot rows to immediately evacuate the hot air directly back into the cooling system. This process reduces the inefficiacies of mixing hot air back into the room. With this system, RockyNet's basic racks can handle up to 5kW. Our engineering does not stop there. Let us show you how we can give your blade server, and disk arrays up to 22kW of cooling per rack.