Cloud Server

RockyNet's cloud servers are the perfect fit for your needs.


Dedicated VPS
RockyNet's Dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology allows simplicity in hosting. If you have the need to host your server in a state-of-the-art data center, and need assistance with building and supporting the machine, this is an ideal fit for you.


How much are the servers?
We just need to know five simple criteria to price your machine:

1.) GB RAM
2.) Processors
3.) HD Space
4.) Bandwidth
5.) Platform


Why choose RockyNet cloud computing?
We personalize and customize your cloud servers to your needs. Many current cloud companies provide you with a cookie-cutter server and tell you to do the majority of the work on your end. This includes content management, adding/subtracting users, putting on applications. At RockyNet, we listen to the server's purpose and create a solution that best fits your business needs.

We also have control over our infrastructure. When Amazon's cloud crashed, it sent a message to many clients that the cloud needs to be transparent. Since RockyNet is a Data Center we have control over the routing and redundancy of our servers. RockyNet's backbone is managed on a personal level to ensure best practices are adhered to.